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dbForge Transaction Log – A New Tool Made by Devart

Devart has announced the release of a new tool, dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server, which allows to look through audit changes and perform rollback transactions.

Transaction Log

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, has released its brand new product – dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server. The solution is a powerful transaction log reader tool and .ldf file viewer that provides detailed information about all data changes in the database. Thus, it allows reverting unwanted transactions on different levels depending on user needs.

The core Transaction Log’s features and capabilities:

Export outputs – the transaction log information can be displayed in the grid or exported to SQL Script, SQL Bulk files, or directly to a database;
Detailed log info – the changes can be tracked, as well as the time when they were committed, even if it happened before the Transaction log installation;
Transaction visualization – the transactions are shown, grouped, and stored in a custom high-performance grid with advanced filtering options.
Data recovery – the inadvertent or malicious database transactions can be reversed to repair data/ recover from specific data loss;
Undo or Redo – selectively view one or all operations in a transaction and create the corresponding replay or reroll scripts.
Transaction Isolation – the specific SQL Server transactions can be isolated by the user, date, object change type, and more.

Furthermore, Devart states its a beta version of a product, so user feedback is extremely welcomed. The developers argue that all recommendations will be taken into account in future releases. Learn more about the Transaction Log at the Devart official blog –

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