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Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions Now Support Visual Studio 2019

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, has released a much-needed update for its highly demanded products. From now on dotConnect ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect and Entity Developer are fully compatible with the latest version of the IDE from Microsoft.

The outlined tools will be even more useful as they support Visual Studio 2019, which already provides users with such features as improved performance, better search, Visual Studio Live Share, etc.

The above represents the latest highlight only. Check out the complete list of other useful features of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers — the enhanced data connectivity solution, LinqConnect — the LINQ to SQL-compatible ORM solution, and Entity Developer — the top-notch visual designer for ORM models.

About Devart

Devart is one of the leading developers of database tools and administration software, ALM solutions, data providers for various database servers, data integration and backup solutions. The company also implements Web and Mobile development projects.

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