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Entity Developer & dotConnect Providers Now Support Entity Framework Core 3.1

Devart has recently introduced a significant update for the range of its products. Entity Developer and dotConnect ADO.NET data providers now offer the support for Entity Framework Core 3.1

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, announced the release of the new versions of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers, and Entity Developer, an ORM model designer and code generation tool. The new product versions now support Entity Framework Core 3.1.

After Microsoft released Entity Framework 3 only for .NET Core 3 (.NET Standard 2.1), it caused certain criticism because of not supporting Full .NET Framework. Microsoft reacted to this criticism by making Entity Framework Core 3.1 compatible with .NET Standard 2.0, and thus, allowing developers to use it in projects, targeting Full .NET Framework as well as .NET Core.

Devart, in turn, supported Entity Framework Core 3 for Full .NET Framework in all of its ADO.NET providers with ORM support, as well as in Entity Developer. Both the Entity Framework 6 and Entity Framework 6.4 are also supported in these tools. To learn more about the recent release, please visit —

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