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Take Database Development to the Enterprise Level with dbForge Studio for Oracle

Devart has rolled out a new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle v.4.0 that received a massive makeover. Among other changes, the new tool now includes the Enterprise edition with a number of exclusive powerful features like Data Generator that allows generating millions of records of meaningful test data in no time and brand-new Documenter for documenting and presentation of the Oracle schemas.

Here’s the scoop on the most outstanding improvements implemented in the updated dbForge Studio for Oracle:

I. The Data Import/Export feature now includes the support for JSON Data and Google Sheets enabling users to easily migrate table data between Oracle tables and Google Spreadsheets.

II. The SQL Document feature got a dozen of new options as well:
-The CTRL+W shortcut for closing the current tab.
-Opening new tabs next to current one.
-The CTRL+N shortcut for the inheritance of server and database of the current SQL window by a new one.
-Display of the connection color in the status bar.
-Query navigation. To navigate between keywords within the query, there is ability to press Ctrl+F12 or use the Jump between Syntax Pairs option from the shortcut menu.
-Improved query text parsing.
-Greatly redesigned Query execution history
-And many others.

III. The Data Viewer feature has been enhanced with a display of data type and size.

IV. The Schema Compare and Data Compare feature now offers the following options that skyrocket the process of comparison, analysis, and synchronization of Oracle databases:

-Improved comparison reports
-Numerous enhanced schema/data comparison and synchronization options
-The Additional Scripts tab allows typing or selecting a script to execute before and/or after data synchronization
-And many others

Take a closer look at current and previous features that are available in dbForge Studio for Oracle at .

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