Discussion on: Vue's Darkest Day

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I’d probably have been happy with the new API being available, but the initial builds were called standard and compatible. The Core devs have shown their hands on this one, even if the old API stays it has no future. Nevermind depreciation, you can’t keep using it and run the risk of having any jobs you apply for being shops using lean build.

The new APIs look ugly but I’m going to wait until after I refactor away from the old APIs before I make final judgement on whether I stick with Vue for new projects, though I’ll almost certainly stay with it for existing projects.

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Darek Gusto

There are already many kinds of shops that use Vue in their own way. Many of them use TypeScript with classes, others use render functions, some other use Vue as a JQuery replacement. The industry is heavily leaning towards TypeScript and you're right, there will be many companies that use the lean build exclusively because of the TypeScript reason.

With the naming of the builds, I do agree it was a mistake, but it mainly came from the fact that the team members focused on the technical side of things and didn't realize how it all sounds.

I do hope you'll be satisfied with Vue 3 and that we'll see each other here again discussing Vue 4 in a few years.