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S1:E8 - Our Least Favorite Things About Our Favorite Languages

In this episode, we get into what are our pet peeves and grievances about the coding language we love the most. Guests Addy Osmani, engineering manager at Google, and Ridhwana Khan, senior engineer at DEV, both chose JavaScript, and they dig into why the language could be more opinionated, whether there should be a standardized library, and more. We also hear from our audience about what they dislike most about their beloved coding languages.

Show Notes

Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani considers himself to be an occasional JavaScript Janitor, who cares about improving user-experiences on the web. He is also an engineering manager working on Google Chrome at Google, focused on web performance and tooling.

Ridhwana Khan

Ridhwana Khan is a senior software engineer at DEV

Episode source

avi_ghatge profile image
Avinash Ghatge

JavaScript should be more standardized. It is opinionated. Good discussion Devs. Looking forward to hear more...

adityaberi8 profile image

Amazing insights. Waiting for much more !!

samcooper profile image

Awesome podcast!! Great insights into the world of JavaScript.

deveshchatuphale7 profile image
Devesh Chatuphale

Loved it ! agree on JavaScript being more opinionated. I think sites like MDN are playing important role for developers in building strong foundation in JavaScript

pbouillon profile image
Pierre Bouillon

Very interesting point of view, enlightening !

skaisahni profile image
skai sahni

great insight , learned lot,✌️

adityasanil profile image
Aditya Sanil

It is so great listening to Addy Osmani. Such a informative podcast.
Definitely sharing with my dev friends.