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S2:E2 - You Can Do That With CSS?

In this episode we talk about little-known things you can do with CSS with UX Developers at Shopify, Hui Jing Chen and Ananya Neogi.

Show Notes

Hui Jing Chen

Hui Jing Chen is a UX Designer at Shopify. She is also a self-taught developer and designer and has an inordinate love for CSS. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions.

Ananya Neogi

Ananya Neogi is an UX Developer at Shopify working at the intersection of code and design. Writing CSS sparks the most joy for her. She's an occasional writer, speaker, and an aspiring dog mom amongst other things.

Episode source

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Chetanya Kandhari

You might want to start with some light music or sound that gets people excited about the podcast.
Next you could start by introducing the podcast.
The sponsors section could come in the middle to give listeners a pause to think about the content presented in the podcast.

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Shristi Singh

It was cool, for someone like me having hard time transitioning from front end to backend, this encournages to stick and find. Jing Chen Ma'am and Ananya Ma'am both were so relatable. Respect.

Few changes can make listening experience better.

  1. Interaction among panel can be more.
  2. Lower background music.
  3. Sound quality can be improved, at times the words were not clear.

Loved it keep it rolling.🌟

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This show is wonderful. Coming from a coding background, who thought at the university, like "wait front end ? well I am not going to do that" I found these opinions are quite challenging and will be really helpful.

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Shaiju T

Nice 😄, my reviews. Focus on sharing the podcast with developers by putting sponsors add in between or in end. Developers will like it if you can directly jump in to the topic.

Also make dev news podcast to maybe 5 mins. because a news should be just news like BBC headlines. In short time busy developers should know what's going on in developers world.

Also the dev discuss rotating circle overlaps the player.

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Rahulraj S R


ombalar profile image

DEV Discuss is an amazing podcast for coding lovers. It is a fun way to spend time and at the same time you can hear from people in huge companies like Ananya Neogi and Hui Jing Chen from Shopify.

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Vedurumudi Priyanka