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S3:E2 - Demystifying Architecture

In this episode, we talk everything to do with architecture with David Whitney, independent software consultant at Electric Head Software, and author of the DEV post, "Architecture for Everyone."

Show Notes

David Whitney

David is the founder of Electric Head Software, working as an independent software consultant based in London focusing on IT software delivery, developer mentoring and cultural change - mostly working with London-based organisations and start-ups. David is the author of the best-selling kids programming books Get Coding, and Get Coding 2, a Microsoft MVP, and a frequent conference speaker. You can get in touch by visiting:

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walidshaari profile image
Walid Shaari • Edited on

A first-time listener, love the format. the link to triplebytes isn't correct! love the bio of David and how he describes it. I love it when the podcast gives enough attention to the people, not just the technology.

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John "Fitzy" DeLancey

GREAT episode (first one I've had the chance to listen to).

THANK YOU, David, for confirming my hopes/ignorant belief that the Kubernetes movement is just not appropriate for many/most situations.

While I'm actively working to carve out slices of applications that can be offloaded to serverless functions, eventually moved into APIs, etc., it just feels silly to be going full-hog microservices architecture for what amounts to a simple perfectly-suitable-as-a-monolith application.

Excellent discussion.