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S4:E3 - Code Splitting and the Long List of Things You Need to Know About Writing JavaScript

In this episode, we talk about code splitting and the long list of things you need to know about writing JavaScript with Laurie Barth, staff software engineer at Gatsby and instructor at

Show Notes

Laurie Barth

Laurie is a Staff Software Engineer at Gatsby building nextgen JavaScript tooling. You can also find her creating content and educating the technology industry as an egghead instructor, member of the TC39 Educators committee, and technical blogger.

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Lakin Mohapatra

How to create a podcast in

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Aditya Mangal

This is really great as you provide transcript with your podcasts. Please continue to do so in future too. It's really help deaf and hard of hearing community.

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John Carroll

For me, the interviewee spoke waaayyyy too fast throughout this episode. It was hard for me to follow the converstation at points.

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krishna kakade

good and informative podcast love it today I got to learn new thing code splitting