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S6:E7 - VS Code and the Extended VS Code Universe

In this episode, we talk about Visual Studio Code with, Jonathan Carter, principal program manager at Microsoft, and Cassidy Williams, director of developer experience at Netlify.

Show Notes

Jonathan Carter

Jonathan Carter is a project manager at Microsoft, and has had the privilege of working on a bunch of developer tools and services over the last 15 years (e.g. Visual Studio, ASP.NET, browser tools for IE, CodePush). He's passionate about developer productivity and collaboration, and in particular, helping to make it easier to contribute to projects, share ideas amongst your teams, the community, and supporting remote-first cultures.

Cassidy Williams

Cassidy likes making memes, dreams, and software. But actually though, she's a Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, and makes developer-friendly content across the internet to help people learn and laugh.

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