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DevEd 039: Learning & Using ASP.NET

This episode of the DevEd podcast is joined by special guest Thomas Desmond. Thomas is a software engineer currently working with .NET and Angular, has been a university instructor for three years and has a course coming up on - Creating an API with ASP.NET Core. He defines ASP.NET, and describes its relation to ASP.NET Core. He explains the process of working with .NET on a Mac, differences between Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Mac 2019, and the learning curve involved in C# and types languages such as TypeScript.

The panelists share their learning transition from .NET to other languages and frameworks such as Angular, React and vice versa. They talk about the hurdles as well as effective strategies in learning ASP.NET, why is .NET considered to be Microsoft-specific, how does it compare to technologies such as Rails or Node, cloud development, and discuss reasons why bootcamps don't generally focus on learning ASP.NET. They end the show with picks.


Joined by special guest: Thomas Desmond



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Question #1: What is ASP.NET?

Open source web application framework used to develop and build web apps using .NET.

Question #2: How to use .NET on a Mac?

Use Visual Studio for Mac, good support available.

Question #3: What are some hurdles in learning ASP.NET?

Understanding and reinforcing the idea that there is an API between the application and the server.

Question #4: What are some effective tips while learning .NET?

Do a lot of examples, repetitions, discuss questions with other students.

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