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What is OneNote and Five Benefits of Using OneNote

What is OneNote?

OneNote allows you to insert files, type or draw, insert tables, add/edit images, record audio/video, and most importantly, gather and keep track of notes into digital notebooks. To illustrate, a company has many customers. The company can keep track of their new and existing customers conversations, meetings, meetings, customer support requests, product customization, and the product health usage as part of their company on-boarding and user adoption plan. Therefore, OneNote is like a file cabinet; where sections are considered your file folders and pages are your documents within the folders.

Five Benefits of Using OneNote

There are many benefits to using OneNote.  Below are five benefits to using OneNote.

  1. Access OneNote from various devices. Accessing your digital notes on a variety of devices is liberating. You can use OneNote on a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. Use OneNote on your mobile phone to add pictures on the fly in near real-time and your notes are automatically synced to all devices.
  2. Share your content with others. Access notes easily and share them with others to contribute together in real-time through peer collaboration. Notes can be synced to OneDrive.
  3. Search and Tagging.The true-value of note-taking with using OneNote is to retrieve your information when needed. With OneNote, notes are searchable. Tag your notes with pre-defined tags or create custom tags of your own. OneNote has the ability to search text within images and within handwritten notes.
  4. Reduce the amount of paper clutter. OneNote reduces the amount of using paper notebooks which provides a solution to create, organize, and share notes online. You can go fully paperless insert file printouts into your OneNote notebook. This way you have your files and documents with you instead of carrying piles of paper around. However, if printing is needed, you can print all or part of your notebooks.
  5. Integrate with other Microsoft Office Apps. You can attach documents from Microsoft Word or a Microsoft Excel file within OneNote. With OneNote, you can perform data entry and calculations on the spot by inserting a Excel spreadsheet right into your notes.

OneNote is a great tool for pulling it all together in a way that makes the information easy to organize; store, retrieve, and use. OneNote maybe overlooked as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are the most focused software application and not realize that OneNote is installed on their PC. You can fully leverage OneNote from various devices helping to improve business productivity profoundly.

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