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Python turns 30, plus news from TypeScript, Firefox, GitLab and more.

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In case you missed it, Python is turning 30 this week! Our research estimates that 9M developers were using it in 2020. New data is coming soon from our latest survey, so stay tuned as we reveal how the Python community has changed over the past 6 months.

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Python Programming And Numerical Methods: A Guide For Engineers And Scientists. This notebook contains an excerpt from the Python Programming and Numerical Methods - A Guide for Engineers and Scientists, [PYTHONNUMERICAL]

Five frontend books you should read in 2021. What skills are you planning to learn as a frontend developer this year? [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

What are low-code databases? What are some use cases for low-code databases and who are the main providers of low-code databases? VentureBeat share some of the answers. [VENTUREBEAT]

10 ways to build influence as a remote employee. How do you build influence when you're not in the building? Many people are exploring this question during the pandemic. Consider these real-world tips for remote employees. [ENTERPRISERSPROJECT]

The ten rules of a zen programmer. The old Zen masters already knew hundreds of years ago, how today's programmers should work. [ZENPROGRAMMER]

Developers: Stop Writing These Comments! There is technically no right or wrong when it comes to comments, but comments can have a big impact on efficiency. They can make developers’ lives much easier. Let’s take a look at some day-to-day comments and see how we can improve them.

How Amazon tests their website. Alma Ramirez interviews Jayden Yang, a Lead Software Engineer at Amazon. [MEDIUM]

Automate code formatting in Python. Code reviews are a great way to learn. Letting automation handle minutiae like code style leaves more time for devs to look at the bigger aspects of the code. [DZONE]

Optimize for simplicity first. We can’t optimize for everything in software engineering, so we need to start with something, and that something should be simple code and simple architecture. [QVAULT]

Call a Dev. In case you missed it on Hacker News, this is something we're sure you'll enjoy checking out. Live programming help just a call away, and for devs looking for work, here's your chance to get paid to help programmers. [CALLADEV]

Overcoming API Development Challenges: Webinar Series. SmartBear are hosting a three-part webinar series where they'll be discussing the challenges API development can face and the solutions that can help your organization overcome them. [SMARTBEAR]

The 2021 DevOps trend everyone is missing. DevOps is going through the roof. DevOps is everything and everything is DevOps nowadays. But there's one DevOps trend that Rami Honig is seeing that everyone else is missing. [DZONE]

Industry News

Are you a passionate Developer Advocate or interested in developing your career in Developer Relations, Advocacy and Experience? Then join the Future Developer Summit on March 10, where tech industry leaders come together to discuss the best practices in supporting developer communities.

TypeScript 4.2 comes with smarter type alias preservation. Microsoft has announced the official release of TypeScript 4.2, the latest version of its JavaScript superset programming language. There are a number of new features in this release, including smarter type alias preservation, leading/middle rest elements in tuple types, and stricter checks for the “in” operator. [SDTIMES]

Firefox 86 adds Total Cookie Protection for improved privacy. Mozilla has declared an all-out war on web tracking, recently cracking down on supercookies with the release of Firefox 85. The company is taking it a step further with a new tool called Total Cookie Protection in Firefox 86. Changes for web developers can be found here. [XDADEVELOPERS]

GitLab 13.9 is here. GitLab 13.9 is now available to strengthen DevSecOps at scale, with a Security Alert Dashboard to triage high priority alerts, Maintenance Mode for unfailing support of distributed teams, better visibility including additional support for DORA metrics, and advanced automation capabilities that will help you deliver “better products, faster.” [GITLAB]

Google funds Linux kernel developers to work exclusively on security. Linux is more secure than most operating systems, but that doesn't mean it can take security for granted. So, Google and the Linux Foundation are funding a pair of top Linux kernel developers to focus on security. [ZDNET]

Microsoft is seeing a big spike in Web shell use. Security personnel at Microsoft are seeing a big increase in the use of Web shells, the light-weight programs that hackers install so they can burrow further into compromised websites. The average number of Web shells installed from August, 2020 to January of this year was 144,000, almost twice that for the same months in 2019 and 2020. The spike represents an acceleration in growth that the same Microsoft researchers saw throughout last year. [ARSTECHNICA]

Critical RCE flaws affect VMware ESXi and vSphere Client — patch now. VMware has addressed multiple critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in VMware ESXi and vSphere Client virtual infrastructure management platform that may allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands and take control of affected systems. [THEHACKERNEWS]

Linux Foundation and OpenJS Foundation launch a free introductory Node.js course. The course is designed for frontend or back-end developers who would like to become more familiar with the fundamentals of Node.js and its most common use cases. [EDX]

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