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Episode 430 | Sarah Dutkiewicz - Listening for the why

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Sarah Dutkiewicz talks with Dave Rael about teaching and learning, returning to programming, women in tech, and how to listen

Sarah has been in the technical realm since the late 90s. She has served in many roles – including technical support, manager, desktop support, server administrator, database administrator, developer, instructor, and mentor. Throughout her career, Sarah has found her place in the technical community – as an organizer, speaker, facilitator, author, editor, reviewer, blogger, and advocate. Due to her community involvement, Microsoft has awarded her the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award – 2009-2014 in Visual C#, 2015 in Visual Studio, and 2016 in Visual Studio and Development Technologies. Sarah loves sharing her passion for tech with the community whenever she can!

Sarah's book recommendation:
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