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Episode 431 | Jeremy Fairbank - Teaching Matters

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Jeremy Fairbank talks with Dave Rael about conference speaking, writing a book, consulting, and people skills

Jeremy Fairbank is the author of Programming Elm published by the Pragmatic Programmers. He hails from Maui, Hawaii, and works for Test Double as a remote software engineer and consultant, helping improve how the world builds software. He has many years of experience in front-end development and full-stack development, working heavily with JavaScript, Elm, Ruby, and Elixir. He is an avid conference speaker and teacher, presenting on web development and functional programming topics at conferences such as Fluent Conf, Rails Conf, and Elm Conf.

Jeremy's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Speak at conferences and meetups
  2. Have open and honest communication
  3. Know when to say "no"

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