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Episode 443 | Justin Hoover - Building a Legacy

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Justin Hoover talks with Dave Rael about philanthropy, readable code, leadership, interviews, and teams

Justin Hoover has been in the business of IT for almost 19 years. During that time, he's worked mostly in startups delivering services that are invisible to the end user unless something breaks or performs slowly. His works has been used by millions of people internationally while he remains happily anonymous. Justin's career has been a fluid journey from PC support into operations then data warehousing and eventually developing high-availability, high-volume APIs. Though his love of optmization tends to keep him behind the UI, he's written his share of LOB applications. Justin is best known by his peers for his problem solving abilities, natural leadership, calmness, and desire to help others. Now in what he refers to as the legacy building phase of his career, he derives more joy from mentoring and building community.

Justin's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Assume you're wrong
  2. Understand the problem you're trying to solve (and know the job of your user better than they know it)
  3. Focus on Code Readability

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