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Episode 447 | Samantha Campbell - Community-Focused

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Samantha Campbell talks with Dave Rael about introversion, organizing communities, rewards of software, remote work, startups, and working your way

Samantha is a Frontend Developer for Bungalow and based out of a Terminal campus in Ontario - a booming tech hub without the price tag of Silicon Valley, or a forced removal from her home country. Terminal creates remote teams and vibrant communities for software engineers who want to work for a startup without having to move from their hometown to Silicon Valley. They’re partnering with growing startups like Bungalow, which creates move-in ready homes for young professionals in need of roommates, who need help hiring premier talent fast. After Samantha worked for large companies like RIM, which had 16k employees, and D2L, she had her eye on the startup experience and wanted to work with VueJS and Django, which Bungalow offered. She’s now been there for over a year and also leads the local chapter of Girl Geek Dinners, which is a monthly networking and dinner series for people interested in STEAM.

Samantha's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Know your values system
  2. Know how you communicate best and how others around you have differing styles
  3. Be able to fail

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