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Episode 451 | Alberto Brandolini - Mistakes and Experiments

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Alberto Brandolini talks with Dave Rael about EventStorming, experimentation, inspiration, visualization, design, and helping teams

Alberto Brandolini can model every business domain, given enough space, a paper roll and an unlimited source of colored sticky notes (with a larger stock of orange ones). His contributions to the community include EventStorming, Model Storming and, more notably, the Bullshit Asymmetry Principle. Alberto Brandolini is an IT Professional that gets bored doing things in the same old way. This led him into unexplored areas of Domain-Driven Design, Lean and Agile Software Development, learning and change management, where he likes to bring apparent chaotic fuzziness and a comic-like visual touch. An active consultant in software product development, he also runs his company Avanscoperta. He’s frequently invited as a speaker in many conferences in Italy (where he’s based) and around Europe.

Alberto's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Create a visual representation of the problem
  2. Look at what people are not saying
  3. Never get satisfied with your first solution

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