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Episode 452 | Aimee Knight - Inspired

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Aimee Knight talks with Dave Rael about perspectives, software, learning, planning, taking care of yourself, and achievement

Aimee Knight is a Software Architect and currently lives in Nashville TN. As a former professional figure skater, she has a tremendous amount of energy and grit. Outside of work, she's a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a panelist on the JavaScript Jabber podcast and an international keynote speaker. Currently, she specializes in JS, React, and CSS, however, she's worked extensively in Angular, Node, and Ruby on Rails as well. Her past involvement includes working at npm, Inc., being a weekly panelist on the Angular Air podcast, a co-organizer for CharmCityJS, and mentor for Baltimore NodeSchool and Rails Bridge.

Aimee's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Try to find areas where you can make an impact
  3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

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