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Awesome Golang Audio and Music Libraries

Audio and Music

Libraries for manipulating audio.

  • flac - Native Go FLAC encoder/decoder with support for FLAC streams.
  • gaad - Native Go AAC bitstream parser.
  • GoAudio - Native Go Audio Processing Library.
  • gosamplerate - libsamplerate bindings for go.
  • id3v2 - ID3 decoding and encoding library for Go.
  • malgo - Mini audio library.
  • minimp3 - Lightweight MP3 decoder library.
  • mix - Sequence-based Go-native audio mixer for music apps.
  • music-theory - Music theory models in Go.
  • Oto - A low-level library to play sound on multiple platforms.
  • PortAudio - Go bindings for the PortAudio audio I/O library.
  • portmidi - Go bindings for PortMidi.
  • vorbis - "Native" Go Vorbis decoder (uses CGO, but has no dependencies). Awesome Go libraries

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