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Discussion on: Why I'm leaving Drupal for Laravel

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congrats on the new joby job; sounds like you are pumped to dive into a new framework and let your skills really stretch out more. larvel is worlds away from the drupal world, I hope the next phase in your dev journey is fruitful.

not to blast drupal, too much, but I do like to see this happening more with devs moving away. I can't begin to tell you how many times i've gone back to look at former projects to see some random company took over the account and migrated everything to drupal. :sighs:

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Wendy Stocker Author

Thanks! There are some very good things about Drupal, like a non-developer can make simple changes without touching a bit of code. However with that much control over the administration area, keeping multiple DEV/PROD environments esp with multiple developers in sync is a nightmare. IMO they really haven't found a good way of handling that even with Drupal 8. I come from a background of CakePHP and CodeIgnitor before Laravel hit the scene. So it will be nice to go back to my MVC roots!