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Some additional things to not do...

  • Don't include 20 different user tracking scripts.
  • Don't ignore performance.
  • Don't use the default web server configurations.
  • Don't use video backgrounds.
  • Don't load the page and then make a dozen ajax calls for content.
  • Don't use assets from third parties.
  • Don't rely on cookies.
  • Don't try to figure out my location.
  • Don't try to track every mouse click, scroll or movement.
  • Don't have long timeouts.
  • Don't cheap on hosting.
  • Don't forget to test usability under load.
  • Don't forget to test usability across multiple browsers/os.
  • Don't forget to enable TLS.
  • Don't include 20 different user tracking scripts.

"* Don't use video backgrounds"

Pretty please with sugar on top! Video breakthroughs may sound like a good idea, but in reality you're just learning how someone likes solve one specific problem. You're not really learning programming, or something even more important: problem solving.


But I love video backgrounds! That got me started with dev lol as I started off as a video artist. But yeah I agree the compression never usually does the quality justice and it is usually more trouble loading than fun

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