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re: If Mint is working for you now, there's not much to gain other than small differences. Mint is Debian under the hood. So you're using a different G...

hello, I don't understand.
what do you mean by "Linux Mint is Debian under the hood"?
in today's date, you meant Linux Mint 19.2 Tina Cinnamon based on Ubuntu is configured like Debian OR Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Cindy Cinnamon is Debian under the hood?
thank you
awaiting your reply

Ubuntu is actually based on Debian, so, Ubuntu is Debian under the hood, so, Mint is Debian under the hoodie-hood...

In other terms, a syllogism: Ubuntu is based on Debian, Mint is based on Ubuntu, so Mint is super-based on Debian :)

Yep, and you can even get LMDE which is directly based on Debian

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