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Creating a Project Management Software

It's been a while since a wrote last article. I used to share some tips over my articles, but this time, its different. I want to share something I started working on.

Problem I am facing

My current company has a really great work environment, but when it comes to work updates, we are still using excel sheets for it and we have to fill the excel sheet everyday, about work we did, progress of the work, how much time we took, etc. And, as a programmer, I am too lasy to fill it everyday.


Solution I came up with

After 3 months, I decided to create my own Projece Management Software, which every user can customize according to thier needs and use. There will be a website, which every user of a company can access to do every sort of thing. Managers can assign the work to a specific or multiple persons with a deadline over it. The user and see the work, put a timer over it, getting screenshots of thier work, add thier work update, after choosing a project, and the time taken (recorded time) to complete the work.

Business Executives can record thier Leads and the progress and all the client updates over it.

HR can add thier updates, meetings, schedule interviews etc.

Anyone can apply for leaves, and add a single or multiple person to approve it.

Overall, I am creating a software which can cover all the needs of a company.


So, currently its a day one of creating project management software and from now on, I will update about the progress of my software every week.

Technology I am using

  • Frontend: React, Redux, Antd, Typescript
  • Backend: Nodejs, MongoDB, Express.js, Javascript
  • Mobile App: React Native, Typescript, Paper.

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