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re: Yii/Yii2 is a solid framework; taking a lot of queues from Ruby on Rails and Laravel. Convention with a little configuration; modular, and pretty w...

Aye, usually it is. But I don't use Phalcon that much anymore. I'm either re-inventing the wheel myself, or going modular via Composer packages.


Modular via packages is the win; I personally hate re-inventing the wheel. Most bagn for the buck (or bang per hour of effort). What has been some of the biggest problems you have run into use the modular approach?

Uh, nothing much really. Probably the time it takes to setup the boilerplate. Because I'm not coming with stuff shipped out of the box for everything I need to make just about any typical web application, I have to plan what libraries I'll be using, and if it's a new one, then I have to learn it.

Although the benefits of customization for me overrules the development time. And if I get really good packages for configuration, and development(Phinx as an example for a migrations library).

To me, going modular is can be far better as I can only include what I need, and customize the project however I like. And a lot of the times it increases performance, because I'm not coming shipped with the whole set of packages when I don't need half of them.

But I still like re-inventing the wheel. I learn a lot from it, I find it fun and I might make something amazing that hasn't been invented before or something. Things are always being invented(in technology, science, etc) ... I understand if people don't like the re-inventing the wheel thing because that means they have to write it, put a lot of work into, debugging, tests, updates, etc. I don't see why we shouldn't stop inventing software.

Granted a lot of a software can just be basically re-built and slower(and just worse is general) than already existing software. If you're a "get it done and make some money" person, then it's quite perfect for you to not re-invent the wheel.

But I don't dis re-inventing the wheel, I encourage it.

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