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S1:E3 - Rust’s Future, Twitter’s New API, Fortnite’s Biggest Battle, and Atlassian’s Remote Work Policy

In this episode, we talk about Atlassian’s remote work policy, Fortnite’s battle with Google and Apple, and Twitter’s new API. We then speak with Ashley Williams and Steve Klabnik, engineers on the Rust core team, about how recent restructuring and layoffs at Mozilla impact the future of the Rust programming language.

Show Notes

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is principal open source engineer at Apollo GraphQL and is a member of the Rust Core team and the Rust Foundation Project Group. She has created tools for the Rust ecosystem such as wasm-pack and cargo-generate, and has participated on the, community, infrastructure, and webassembly teams.

Steve Klabnik

Steve Klabnik is a member of the Rust core team, co-authored "The Rust Programming Language," and is an amateur sourdough baker.

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great podcast episod. Could will be great if transcript also provide

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Bruno Oliveira

I know what I'll be tuning in to for my morning run tomorrow