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S1:E5 - Neuralink, Nvidia , Samsung’s Mobile Memory Breakthrough, and a Terrible Tik Tok Trend

In this episode, we talk about Nvidia new graphics cards, Samsung’s Mobile Memory Breakthrough, and a Terrible Tik Tok Trend. And then we speak with AJ Keller, co-founder of Neurosity, a neurotech company, about Elon Musk's Neuralink pig demo.

Show Notes

AJ Keller

AJ Keller is the co-founder of Neurosity.

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hpsetti profile image
Harish Pillarisetti

It's feels like just yesterday we all were struggling with playing crysis on our PCs and now... we're streaming 8K vids and working with AI models in real time!! Also nice little chat about the new tiktok trend, never knew about the new angle about cyberbullying. It's great to see a podcast with no unnecessary jazz and just to the point and at the same time keeping it lightweight. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast on google podcasts! Keep it up!

natalibogarin profile image
Natalia Bogarín

I enjoy so much listen this podcast, the manner that you relate the topics is enriching and accurate. Thanks for sharing!