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S2:E4 - U.S. Military Buying Location Data, GitHub Reinstating youtube-dl, Apple Server Problems, and School Ransomware Attacks

In this episode, we cover how Apple server problems caused slowdowns and crashes for app launching in all versions of MacOS, the rise of school districts being the targets of ransomware attacks, and GitHub reinstating youtube-dl, a program to download videos from YouTube and other video sites, after a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown. And then we chat with Senior Staff Writer at Motherboard, Joseph Cox, whose piece titled, “How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps,” shines a spotlight on the location data industry, and who is being targeted.

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Joseph Cox

Joseph Cox covers privacy, hackers, and crime for Motherboard.

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Matt Ellen • Edited on

DMCA takedowns are misused on Youtube to censor videos other people disagree with. For example, it happens between Youtube creators, where one is criticising the other and incorporating video from the other. Nintendo will report any Youtube video that shows content generated by their games (e.g. video of Mario Bros. gameplay).