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S3:E1 - Trump De-platformed, Parler Dropped, an ANTIFA Conspiracy, and Virtual CES

In this episode, we talk about the mass indefinite ban of Trump on social media platforms, and AWS and the Google and Apple App Stores dropping Parler in the aftermath of the US Capitol’s siege by Trump supporters. Then we chat with Dave Gershgorn, senior writer at OneZero at Medium, who covers AI and its effects on society, about the conspiracy theory that antifa were embedded in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol building. Finally, we speak with Monica Chin, writer at the Verge, about this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show.

Show Notes

Dave Gershgorn

Dave Gershgorn is a senior writer at OneZero at Medium, who covers AI and its effects on society

Monica Chin

Monica Chin is a writer for The Verge covering computers. Previously, she has covered consumer tech for Mashable, Tom's Guide, and Business Insider.

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DarkWiiPlayer • Edited

Let's be realistic: Trump got banned now because he's no longer the president. Nobody wanted to be the platform that bans the president of the USA, but now that he's almost gone, he lost that protection and is thus getting the same treatment as any "normal" user spreading conspiracy theories.

Wait what? Did you SERIOUSLY just endorse crime at 15:40? You know hacking is illegal, right?

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You know hacking is illegal, right?

That was your takeaway from this? You realize if Amazon hadn't shut Parler down, the info would still be publicly available, right?
And did you miss the part about the information helping law enforcement officials?