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S3:E4 - Jeff Bezos Stepping Down, Independent COVID Vaccine Systems, Ford’s Android Integration, and Tech Pricing Models

In this episode, we talk about Jeff Bezos transitioning from CEO of Amazon to executive chair of the Amazon board, Ford’s future Android integration, and what kinds of pricing models work for different tech products. Then we chat with Cameron Yick, software engineer at Datadog, and one of the creators of the NYC Vaccine List, a website with the aim of helping people find a COVID-19 vaccine in and around NYC.

Show Notes

Cameron Yick

Cameron is an engineer at Datadog and co-organizer of the NYC Data Visualization Meetup. He is also one of the creators of the NYC Vaccine List He writes and speaks about making public data useful, visual tools for thought, and creating conditions for Serendipity.

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very good knowledge and i appreciate.