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S5:E5 - DeepMind’s XLand, Android 12 Beta's Camera Switches, a Colorism Issue With Face Filters, and a Senior’s Robot Companion

In this episode, we talk about social media face filters perpetuating colorism, and about a new companion robot for the elderly. Then we talk about DeepMind’s new exciting AI training tool, XLand, with Max Jaderberg, senior staff research scientist at DeepMind. And then we speak with Suzanne Aitchison, software engineer and accessibility specialist here at Forem, about Android 12 beta’s “Camera Switches,” which lets users control their phone with facial expressions.

Show Notes

Max Jaderberg

Max Jaderberg is a research scientist at DeepMind in machine learning. He previously co-founded Vision Factory which was acquired by Google in 2014, and completed his PhD at the Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Zisserman and Prof. Andrea Vedaldi. His main interests are in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.

Suzanne Aitchison

Suzanne Aitchison is a software engineer at Forem. She is passionate about accessibility and maintains a tutorials site for accessible web development (particularly with reference to React).

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