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S5:E6 - Apple Pay Transparency Survey, and the Battle Against Twitch Hate Raids

In this episode, we speak with Cher Scarlett, software engineer at Apple, about her endeavor for salary transparency at Apple to battle pay disparity and the challenges she’s faced during this undertaking. And then we speak with Twitch streamer and moderator JustMeEmilyP, and Twitch moderator NLA about the proliferation of Twitch Hate Raids and the tools and resources they and others have built to fight against it.

Show Notes

Cher Scarlett

Cher Scarlett a problem solver, creator, and innovator.


JustMeEmilyP (she/her) has been streaming on Twitch since 2019 after finishing her service in the USAF as a Weather Forecaster. Now, she’s enjoying full time streaming and moderating for her community, rollerskating, and enjoying life while advocating for others.


nlasouris (they/them) is a moderator for several communities on Twitch. While not a professional software developer, they have applied some data analysis and basic coding techniques to combat malicious bots since 2019.

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