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How many hours per day you should spend learning programming

As a Fullstack Software Engineer, I have already walked the path of learning. I wanted to share some of my tips, what I have witnessed from others and what worked for them.

1. Every number is different for each person:

Anyone can sit and start learning to program, but each person will arrive at the destination based on the path they took and if they had any help on the way. I have seen people taking almost a year and some just about 4 months to become web developers and find their first job. People that took a long time to learn had to make a lot of try and error, and unfortunately, no one was there to guide them. So if you are starting in web or software development in general, don't get discouraged because it's taking you a long time to understand a topic. But use this as an opportunity to learn and perhaps try to find a mentor who walked that path and can guide you.

2. Consistency is the key:

If you have decided to become a web developer (or any software developer), give yourself a deadline and how many hours you can allocate a day to work toward that goal. Now, this part is very important, ready? Be honest with yourself. If you say 12 hours a day and your deadline is 6 months from now. Can you study every day for 12 hours consistently for 6 months? Well, first, you shouldn't do that, so be reasonable and very critical of this part as you may discourage or burn yourself out halfway.

3. Be patient:

Like for anything in life, you need to be patient about the process. 4 months or 1 year, and it will take time one way or the other. All you can do is prepare and have fun while doing it. There is nothing much to say about this one, but it is essential to point that out since many of us want to get to the destination fast and forget that it takes time, and you do need patience for this.

These are my top 3 points that should help you predict how many hours you may need before getting that first job. You can subscribe to my channel DevPool as my goal is to help beginners and juniors succeed in the tech industry.

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saroj sasmal

Nice article! Really loved it. I must say that #2 is crucial. Consistency is key to success and as always most of us lack this one.

To add up here, IMO another point would be One At a Time. Instead of trying our hands on multiple things at the same time and getting nothing done, it's better to focus on one thing with all of the effort we have and get it done.

devpool3000 profile image

100% agree. Give yourself a goal, aim at it and don't get distracted by any other buzz language or tools.