Changelog: DEV has Some Stories for You

Nick Taylor (he/him) on May 22, 2020

My first PR to the DEV repository was when I added Storybook to the project. In fact, this was in March of 2018, when the repository was private (w... [Read Full]
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I know nothing about Storybook but it looks so good! 🤩


Yeah, neat utility. Preact support makes me happy 😊


It's an amazing tool if you are doing UI work. It also supports all the main JS frameworks ((P)React, Angular, Vue, Svelte) as well as plain HTML.

Screenshot from the Storybook homepage


Yess, just saw that. Added to my bucket list. 🔖 🤩


This is great !! I used storybook in some projects and I really think that it can improve the development process in many ways, getting as result better components, easier to test and with high stability in production

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