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Changelog: DEV has Some Stories for You

My first PR to the DEV repository was when I added Storybook to the project. In fact, this was in March of 2018, when the repository was private (which means that I can't even link you to the PR where I added it!)

Screenshot of my first commits to the DEV codebase

If you're interested, here is the commit.

If you are new to Storybook I recommend giving this post I wrote a while back a read as well as checking out the Storybook documentation.

The TLDR is, Storybook allows you to build out components in isolation and test them visually based on the different states they could be in. Each story you write is the component in a different state.

I added some stories for some Preact components, but after that, Storybook never really got used. Fast forward to January 2020. I started working at DEV and I had some discussions with my awesome product designer Pawel, @pp, about the design system. I mentioned that Storybook was already in the project, but needed to be resuscitated. Once I got it back up and running, we started collaborating, building out design system components and some application components.

Storybook could be run locally if you had the DEV codebase but it was not deploying as part of our CI/CD pipeline. After doing some pairing with @andy this week, we got it deploying to Netlify (awesome service!) whenever JavaScript files changed on master.

All that to say, you can view our very work in progress Storybook at

Photo by Robyn Budlender on Unsplash

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vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe

I know nothing about Storybook but it looks so good! 🤩

terkwood profile image
Felix Terkhorn

Yeah, neat utility. Preact support makes me happy 😊

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor Author • Edited on

It's an amazing tool if you are doing UI work. It also supports all the main JS frameworks ((P)React, Angular, Vue, Svelte) as well as plain HTML.

Screenshot from the Storybook homepage

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe

Yess, just saw that. Added to my bucket list. 🔖 🤩

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

Sooooo stoked :D

omenlog profile image
Omar E. Lopez

This is great !! I used storybook in some projects and I really think that it can improve the development process in many ways, getting as result better components, easier to test and with high stability in production