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#DEVDiscuss: Linode + DEV Hackathon

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Time for #DEVDiscuss — right here on DEV 😎

Inspired by our freshly announced Linode + DEV Hackathon, tonight’s topic is...well, the Hackathon! Check out the post above to learn all about how to participate 😁


  • Have you worked with Linode before?
  • Which category sounds the most interesting to you?
  • Smooth Shifters: Awarded to the team whose app shows the most seamless and successful migration to Linode’s platform.
  • EdgeWorker Experts: Awarded to the team that demonstrates the most innovative and effective use of Linode’s EdgeWorkers service.
  • SaaS Superstars: Awarded to the team whose app shows the greatest potential for success as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product or money-making venture.
  • Integration Innovators: Awarded to the team whose app shows the best integration with other services offered by Linode, such as managed databases or object storage.
  • Wacky Wildcard: Awarded to the team whose project is particularly creative, unusual, or outside-the-box. With this category, we are looking for some truly silly and/or fun submissions. Feel free to dream big and ridiculously — and utilize any offering that Linode offers.
  • Any tips for first-time hackathoners?

Top comments (2)

teejay128 profile image
Joseph Taiwo

First-time hackerthoner

  • I have never worked with linode

    I went through the site and saw that it had to do with cloud deployments and kubernetes, sadly I am really inexperienced in that field

  • Wacky Wildcard

    Even if I were to contest I won't be able to contest with the other categories, the only place I stand a chance is to create an unusual outside the box project

  • From a first-time hackerthoner

    I would strongly advice reading about other peoples projects before going ahead with your own, it is also advisable to work with a team

That being said, any one who would like to have me in their team can hit me up ❤️

matricar profile image
Eldin Zaimovic

Any info regarding the winners.