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New badge coming soon: 4 Week Streak

We will be launching a new profile badge that folks can earn if they post on once a week for four weeks in a row. As it's the first week of 2019, we wanted to make a new badge that rewarded folks with writing goals in the new year.

We try not to go overboard on gamification of the platform, but we see this as a fun reward for those struggling to sit down to write.

We have not yet written the functionality, but I promise we will do so by January 28th, when the first badges are to be awarded.

If you'd like to contribute the functionality yourself, feel free to make a PR.

Here is the file where the functionality would live:


And the tests should go here:


The function should be designed to run once a day and award the badge to anyone who has had one article with published: true in each of the past four weeks. No badge can be awarded more than once via validation, so it is not necessary to guard against that in the code.

Happy coding âĪïļ

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rpalo profile image
Ryan Palo

Aw yiss! I love DEV badges!

kayis profile image

Nice, reminds me that I need to contribute to get ahead again, lol.

aspittel profile image
Ali Spittel

🙌🙌🙌 very excited about this!

shindakun profile image
Steve Layton

Here they come... got mine

prathaprathod profile image
Prathap Rathod

Wow, Nice New Badges are coming ah... I am excited about this

imronlearning profile image
Michael Learns

swweeet!! great timing too 😄 thanks Dev Team!

zia profile image

Excited! :)

somedood profile image
Basti Ortiz

Does the badge award people retroactively? Or will people only be eligible for the badge after January 28th?