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What was your win this week?

Hey there!

Looking back on your week — what was something you're proud of?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Finding some signs of Spring ... or whatever else might spark joy ❤️

Happy Weekend!

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bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Got my first GitHub sponsor 🎉

abdullahdibas profile image
Abdullah Di'bas • Edited

I've just completed building a new library to be used in filtering and analyzing logs. :)
The repository on Github:

DEV Post:

offlineprogrammer profile image
Offline Programmer

I got my 2nd Pfizer shot

natalia_asteria profile image
Natalia Asteria


raphael_jambalos profile image
Raphael Jambalos

I survived this week! There were so many meetings this week because of the long holiday in my country last week. But I'm glad its finally the weekend!

gedalyakrycer profile image
Gedalya Krycer • Edited

I finished reading the Basecamp Shape Up book. Blown away by how this methodology helps teams effectively build projects.

Next week’s goal is to write a summary post on my favorite things it teaches. 👍🏼

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

look forward to reading this!

idrisrampurawala profile image
Idris Rampurawala

Recently, while working on one of my tasks to process a very large AWS S3 file, I came across this really good AWS S3 select feature. This helped me accomplish my task and decided to share my learnings with the community 😁

Hope the community finds it an interesting read 🙏

P.S. Publishing a new post on is always a big win for me 🤭

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

For reasons beyond my grasp, I (and my language) was praised for my programming skills quite a few times this week.

This is surprising because it don't really see myself as a programmer, rather as a beginner.

But I have to admit it made me happy and felt like a win 😄

thuhtetdev profile image
Thu Htet Tun

For this week day,
I worked for Office's HR application development (done 3 solid backend pages)
I made awesome video content for my YouTube Channel.
I created new article on (also spend some time)
I watched anime movie (called Hello world) you should watch too.

For this weekend,
I will try something new, haha

saadmk11 profile image
Maksudul Haque • Edited

I finished building a GitHub Action that updates other GitHub Action Versions in a repository, kinda like Dependabot but for GitHub Actions

GitHub repository:

GitHub logo saadmk11 / github-actions-version-updater

GitHub Actions Version Updater Updates All GitHub Action Versions in a Repository and Creates a Pull Request with the Changes.

GitHub Actions Version Updater

GitHub release (latest by date) GitHub GitHub Marketplace GitHub stars GitHub Workflow Status

GitHub Actions Version Updater is GitHub Action that is used to update other GitHub Actions in a Repository and create a pull request with the updates. It is an automated dependency updater similar to GitHub's Dependabot but for GitHub Actions.

How Does It Work:

  • GitHub Actions Version Updater first goes through all the workflows in a repository and checks for updates for each of the action used in those workflows.

  • If an update is found and if that action is not ignored then the workflows are updated with the latest release of the action being used.

  • If at least one workflow file is updated then a new branch is created with the changes and pushed to GitHub.

  • Finally, a pull request is created with the newly created branch.


We recommend running this action on a schedule event or a workflow_dispatch event.

To integrate GitHub post:

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey • Edited

I'm pretty new to writing articles so I'm feeling encouraged to see that the article I wrote this week was useful to more people than I expected!

theoboldalex profile image
Alex Theobold

Squashed not one, but two horrible bugs that had been haunting me for a while.

abh1navv profile image
Abhinav Pandey
  1. Got promoted.
  2. Got my parents vaccinated.
lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

Congratulations on the promotion!! and yes stay safe!

prakh_r profile image
Prakhar Yadav

Completed a book: The Subtle Art of not giving a F@#k
That makes 2 books in 3 months.
It's tough to take out time when you're mostly busy in full time job. And that funnily makes it even more important to take some time for yourself and do things you love.

phantas0s profile image
Matthieu Cneude

I began the first draft of my new book, Soft Skills for Developers :)
I put online the landing page too:

moafzalmulla profile image
Mohamed Afzal Mulla

Built a file upload component using react, File web browser api, and azure functions to uploaded a CSV with 160k rows in 3 seconds. Mind blown for me. Great week!