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Who's participating in Hacktoberfest 2021?

Ghost Saying Hi

Hacktoberfest 2021 starts on Friday, October 1! 🎃

In the comments below, tell us who you are, whether or not this is your first Hacktoberfest, and why you're taking part in 2021 🎉

If you're an open source project maintainer looking for contributors OR if you're looking for projects to contribute to for Hacktoberfest, don't miss this thread on DEV:

Whether you already have a plan for the projects you'll contribute to or not, this is a great place to meet the other participants. Let's make this a supportive community experience!

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thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt ☕ • Edited

Hi everyone! 👋🏼

I'm Thomas, 22 years old, I already participating to Hacktoberfest since 2018. Already 3 times completed this awesome challenge ! 🔥💚

I would like to contribute more in Web development, design and others stuffs like optimization and translations.

If you search contributors, tell me with your repository ! 🥳

codess_aus profile image
Michelle Mei-Ling Sandford

Hey Thomas, I've put up a really simple website - and I'd like to welcome first time contributors and beginners to help build it out. You can run and test it locally, so no risk of doing any permanent damage. Add something to it, make it beautiful and accessible if you can - and I'll accept the commits. Be explicit in your commits to say what you intend to do with your code - easier for me to approve and easier for other newbies to learn from your edits:

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt ☕

i can contribute to your project, It's forked, maybe this night I create a new PR 😄☕

steinbring profile image
Joe Steinbring

Hi! 👋🏼

My name is Joe. I am a 41 yr old developer from Wisconsin. This is my first Hacktoberfest. I have a lot of experience with Vue.js, JavaScript, PHP, and ColdFusion. I'm hoping to find something in the Vue or Node realm to contribute to.

Show me what you need help with. I am here to help. 😀

rek990 profile image
Rebecca Key

This is my first Hacktoberfest. At first, I thought I was too much of a newbie to participate, but I've seen with OSS is that there's something for everyone. So far, I have opened 2 PRs, working on a 3rd, and hope to get a 4th by the end of the month!

ycode03 profile image

@rek990 it’s my first time at Hacktoberfest too. Congrats on your 2 PRs!

rek990 profile image
Rebecca Key

Thank you! I hope your Hacktoberfest is going well!

virajj28 profile image
Viraj Jadhav • Edited

Hello everyone ! Viraj here. I am Frontend Web Developer started my coding journey in September 2020 and created my account on GitHub on 16th September 2020. As new into this environment was disturbed regarding workflows going on it came to know about Hacktoberfest but was not good enough to take part and contribute. Had a dream of recieving swags or planting a tree it's been a year was waiting for this time. I'm registered and got pretty much knowledge how to contribute but still a noob I would appreciate if someone guide me on beginner contributing for Web development projects. Hope I'll achieve my aim this time ! Thanks for this great awesome open source community !

mightyjoew profile image
Joe Warren

Hi Viraj,
Congratulations on the progress you've made throughout your coding journey! If you are still looking for a project to contribute to, I've created a project designed for newcomers along with a step-by-step guide on how to contribute

virajj28 profile image
Viraj Jadhav

Thanks so much for helping Joe. Cheers to this helping OS community 🎉 completed 8 PR's out of 5 PR's merged successful. First time as a beginner making my projects out in public. Loved Hacktoberfest.

Thread Thread
mightyjoew profile image
Joe Warren

Awesome! Keep up the great work.

kevinhickssw profile image
Kevin Hicks

Hey everyone, I'll be hacktoberfest for the first time this year. Always meant to get involved before but had other projects going on during it. I'm doing it both to give back to some packages I use and to get my first open source experience.

suchitra_13 profile image

I am Suchitra 23 years old, Its my 1st time to contribute to Hacktoberfast. I want to contribute take part of this event so that I can learn and contribute to open source projects.
I am looking forword to contribute in java, javascript, html, css and also documentation part of the projects.

If anyone suggest me or want to collabarate with me I am happy to learn and work togather:)

nodekscode profile image
Kayla Smart

Hey fellow Devs,

I'm Kayla Smart, a software engineer from Philly. This is my first year participating in HacktoberFest and I'm excited to dig into this challenge, connect, and contribute.

I have 4 years of experience as a Dev, using Node, Express, Flutter, React,Javascript, Next.js, MongoDB, SQL and a number of other frameworks.

I am browsing repos to see where I can help out- feel free to reach out to collaborate!

dillon_maks profile image
Dillon Maks

Hey everyone!

My name is Dillon, I’m 19 years old, and this is my first Hacktoberfest. I’m looking forward to the challenge, as this isn’t first for any kind of community challenge. Good luck to all! 🎃

daburuu profile image
David L

Hey ! 👋

I'm David, i'm 23 years old, and this is the first time i'll participate to Hacktoberfest !
I'd love to participate on a open-source project. If you are looking for a contributor, hit me up !

See you soon !

ksengine profile image
Kavindu Santhusa

Hi 👋, I'm Kavindu Santhusa

A Sri Lankan 17 years old student.

  • 👋 Hi, I’m @ksenginew

  • 👀 I’m interested in coding

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning CSS, JavaScript, Typescript

  • 💞️ I’m looking to collaborate on cool projects

  • 📫 How to reach me

  • ⚡ My projects on Github

achie72 profile image
Tóth Béla

Hi everyone!

I'm Béla, Achie, a hobby game developer and wannabe pixel artist!
I joined Hacktoberfest in 2019 and it's a huge push for me every year to work on my projects, and seek out friends who need help!

In these time i look up my old issues, to-do-s for my PICO-8 game projects in .p8 (lua) and this year is was asked by a friend to help in his python project as well!

ayushsuman profile image
Ayush Suman

Hi hackers!
I am Ayush, Electronics and Physics undergrad at BITS Pilani. I have already participated in Hacktoberfest the previous year.

I am looking forward to contribute more to Flutter packages, Android and Web this year. I am also maintaining some flutter packages if some one is looking forward to contribute to the same.

acejoy profile image
Srinjoy Mukherjee

Hi Everyone, 👋
I am Srinjoy , 23 years old.This is my first Time participating in Hacktoberfest.My reason to participate is to learn about git, open source and how to contribute to projects.Looking forward to a productive month contributing to open source.!!!!!🙌.

mightyjoew profile image
Joe Warren

Hi Srinjoy,
Welcome to Hacktoberfest! If you are still looking for a project to contribute to, I've created a project designed for newcomers along with a step-by-step guide on how to contribute (along with images for each git step)

badarulaa profile image

Hi ! 👋🏻

I'm Badar, this is my first time joinin on Hacktoberfest 2021, i hope in my first year i can learn much before joining for the real project in next year, or maybe soon. My language are Python, i'm focusing on Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and for framework i'm focus in Flask and Django.

See you soon, maybe any one search contributor or wanna teach me, reach me out

xelaflash profile image

Hello guys,
Happy to help the open source community.
First year i'll do Hacktoberfest.

I'm a 4 years seasoned Dev, now focusing more on Frontend part.
My favorite stack: React/next/gatsby (Jamstack), Rails.

Already submit some PRs but one project was not Hacktober Participant 🤦🏻‍♂️.
Still happy with this contribution.

Happy Hacktober fest to all