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Discussion on: API for Newbies

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Daniel Feuster • Edited on

Another analogy would be a restaurant as the application, the staff is the API.

1) Guest enters the restaurant(hereto-for called App).
2) The Hostess/Host requests info from the guest: How many in your party?
3) Then the Host reviews current seating and availability and suggests a short wait before a table is ready.
4) The Busser rushes out to clear a table and reset it for the new group of Guests.

etc. etc. Sometimes this is how I see the world, as a complex group of APIs I have to interact with/consume.

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Emma Odia Author

Yes. This is a very good analogy!

Note forgetting to mention that the food is json responses! Lols!

Thank you for the comments.

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Daniel Feuster

Yes, exactly! The Busser is identifying the stuff that needs to handled by the Dishwasher(garbage collector). The world is an endless analog for programming.

It's fun to come up with the algorithms at a restaurant in pseudo code while getting lunch!