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Looking for a CTO to join a grant-winning project

Hello everyone,

I'm the co-founder of a blockchain project called Blueprint, a crowdfunding dapp that tackles the issues with traditional crowdfunding.

We are an award-winning project, having secured grant funding from an Incubator Program sponsored by one of the top 50 blockchains, and we want to expand our team with the addition of a CTO.

I'm sending this message here because I believe there is a huge pool of technical talent. If this idea sparks your interest and you are a full-stack and smart contract developer, I'd be more than happy to talk with you, please reach out to me (

If I can convince you of the value of this project, it's an exciting opportunity for you to bring a dapp to life and make life better for people and projects who are looking to fund innovative projects. There's also a huge opportunity for rewards if our solution becomes successful.

Take care everyone!

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