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Discussion on: Juggling Multiple Languages Simultaneously

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Looks like I found someone else who is like me.
Like you, I have been juggling 3 languages, C#, Java and Python. About getting in depth knowledge in one language, I will agree with you and say that if competing against smart people who are working on it continuosly for years, we may lose. But far more important, I believe, is having am idea of what we are actually doing when we write something. For example my colleagues with similar experience as mine but experienced only in C#, think in terms of only that language. When I think of a solution, what I see in generic terms, my colleagues see as frameworks and methods. On top of that, working in multiple languages and encountering problems, helps us gain universal knowledge about computer systems, the way programming languages work and a wholistic picture which people who have worked in a single language for long, are more likely to lack.
Besides, after getting old, when you or me go for the position of a technology architect, I am optimistic that the generic idea I am gaining today is going to help me do my job better then.