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Discussion on: Hi, I’m Christine and I started contributing to Debian when I was 15. Now I’m the CTO of Nylas, ask me anything!

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How much do you think contributing to open source has changed over all these years?
And as a CTO what do you look in a developer when hiring?

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Christine Spang Ask Me Anything

When I started working on open source software, there was no GitHub. There was no git, either. Now there is GitHub, and everybody uses it. Git won the version control wars. GitHub made git and version control much easier to use, and it easier to contribute to projects. It may have centralized a decentralized system more, and it has its fair share of problems as a company and a platform, but overall it's had a huge impact on how people share code and collaborate on software.

As for what I look at in a developer when hiring, in no particular order: great communication skills, empathy, humbleness, self-awareness, a growth mindset, enthusiasm, buy-in to the idea that diversity & inclusion are worthy things for a company to invest resources in, and of course, ability to write good code in at least one modern programming language.