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Discussion on: The 2 ways to learn how to code

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Diana Coman

Learning to code is just one part of the much larger "learning to think", really. And that's why it's less about the lines of code written and more about the secure grasp of the problem + correct and elegant design of a solution. Beware also of all the appealing shiny new tools and apps and languages that promise to "make it easy" for you - that apparent easiness comes at the cost of robbing you of any chance to actually master the problems and therefore be in control. Essentially whenever you "try" new tools, you are just serving as a guinea pig for the tools, not gaining all that much in the process.

The above being said, learning (of coding like of anything else) is always best as a combination of theory & practice. And the greatest amount of fun comes from doing things as best as they can be done - there is not only personal growth for you in that but also pride in your work and a solid foundation for moving further. With that as with all learning, you can struggle on your own trying to literally lift yourself up or you can search for mentors that are working on interesting (rather than merely popular, this year's hype, to die next year) things and can guide you effectively. Then of course, it's also a matter of whether you can convince them to take you on at all.