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Discussion on: TDD is Not for Me

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Aurore Trunelle

I agree in some way with this. I've seen teams trying to enforce it for everyone, and I think it's a mistake, I felt bad for having a hard time learning it.

More specifically, for front end developers, when I am building a new component/page, I prefer to write my HTML first, make it semantic, accessible, style it, and then add logic needed for the interactivity. I find TDD to not always work in that case, as I find myself focusing more on implementation details than the actual feature I am trying to implement.

But when rewriting a whole page in another system though, I find it really useful as I have a pretty good idea already on how it's going to look like and can make sure I cover all the cases the code being rewritten was doing.

I think in the end, I do my own version of TDD rather than following it to the letter. As long I am still confident my code is tested, I think this is fine, and this is what I try to show more junior co-workers as well, so they find what works for them in a more natural way.