Could you explain #likeimfive Psuedocode & its purpose?

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Pseudocode visualizes the steps of an algorithm, often in a human language (English, Spanish, etc.). It is usually not executable (executable code is code which produces some sort of result upon execution).


It allows people to grasp concepts / ideas before implementation, since the implementation and result of an algorithm is a cost (time, energy, money, etc.) in itself.

Real life example:

You want to program a machine to move items between location A and B. Before programming executable code to perform said task, you are given pseudocode of two algorithms, algorithm 1 and algorithm 2. By inspecting the pseudocode, you realize that the cost of algorithm 1 is 10 seconds (execution time) and cost of algorithm 2 is 20 seconds (execution time), and so you choose to implement algorithm 1.

Pseudocode is for explaining algorithms without having to know any programming language. (That may be one of the reasons why Python adopted many pseudocode conventions for syntax.)

Yeah. Not quite code, not quite humanspeak. I might use basic programming concepts like loops, or perhaps recursion, but speaking in general terms instead of getting caught up in the details of executable code.

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