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Hi Natalia!
Great article! Thanks!

But what about large applications where Vuex is unobtainable?
How to build a structure there?
If we get data (graphql) and work with them in the application?

Use graphql + Vuex only?

Or is it more optimal Apollo-Vue + Vuex?


Thank you! Right now I would go with Apollo Client (cache disabled)+ Vuex without vue-apollo. If you wonder, how to make it all work together, I've created a small proof of concept when researching Vuex -> Apollo migration for GitLab: gitlab.com/ntepluhina/vuex-to-apollo

The repo has a detailed descriptive readme and one of the branches addresses this approach :)

Please let me know if you have any questions



Can you please elaborate on the reasoning for this and not using Apollo's client state? Wouldn't it just be a question of modularizing local state queries and mutations, similar to what would be necessary with Vuex too?



Natalya, thanks!
This is probably the best practice ffor this moment.

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