Why TestMace is better than Postman

Dmitrii Snytkin on December 18, 2019

Hello, this is Testmace! You might have known about us from our previous articles. For those who have just joined us: we're working on Testmace - a... [Read Full]
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Looks promising, I would definitely put some effort into that UI though its hard to look at imo. Personally, I'd rather use Insomnia REST Client because it's open-source, and has a clean UI. There's also Postwoman which is new and looks promising.


Thank you for the feedback, we're working on UI to make it cleaner


Looks promising. I notice your selection of supported authorization types does not include, for example, AWS signature whereas Postman does. Is this something we can expect Testmace to support in the future?


When we plan a backlog we listen to the opinions of our users. And honestly they haven't asked about it. But we can consider this feature


welp, I hope it won't hog memory like Postman then, that's what made me switch to Insomnia for now, but I'll def check it out
Great work

Thank you so much! TestMace consumes in around half as much RAM than Postman. So I think you should definitely try TestMace, especially if memory consumption is important for you


The functionalities of TestMace look really interesting! But... No offence, the UI is pretty ugly IMO 😄 It could get a little bit more polish!


Thank you for your honest review! Probably do you have specific claims to UI or it's in general?


Mostly inconsistency. Those are in colors, spacings between the elements, font sizes, etc. Also, I find the colors are not playing together too well. It would be cool to apply a matching color palette into the UI.

But this is just my opinion, It might be just me 😄

Thank you, we're hard working on UI and convenient and beautiful UI is one of our main goal. In the latest release we'he made redesign. But I agree there is room for improvement


Congrats on getting to 1 year!

Looks awesome, I might take a look and give it a try. :)

By the way, the link to the roadmap is broken!


Thank you! The link is fixed, thank you so much!


The links on Testmace website is redirecting to 523 error.


Probably is was a temporary problem. Now everything is okay

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