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Hi Albino and friends,

Documented this "interview pattern" on a post here:

After some deliberation I find it difficult to get out of my life, study algorithms for some time just to pass an interview, and then forget them, unless the interviewer confirms that day to day activities consist of doing such things.

I have a friend in a similar situation like you (self taught, Italian :), front end). His approach is to iterate through many companies until he finds one that does not do that type of interviewing, they are out there.


Hey ciao! ;)
Thank you so much for your comment, really appreciate it! Gonna read the article very soon, from the beach (taking a break from all this interview madness :P )


From reading your post: do a reverse Cinderella thing: instead of trying to change your foot to fit the shoe, get another shoe.
(and post pics with lots of sand).

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