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Discussion on: Building CICD pipelines for serverless microservices using the AWS CDK

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Dmytro Pylypenko • Edited

Why JS but not a CloudFormation?
Amazon gave the good opportunity to use a declarative way for creation stacks.
Even more, we have linter for CFN on the market of plugins.

I think moving this to the code approach makes support harder.

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Paul Swail Author

Hey Dmytro,
I covered my gripes with the CloudFormation dev experience in the article, mainly around the frustratingly slow feedback loop and the difficulty to develop CloudFormation templates as reusable modules. In my experience this makes CloudFormation authoring difficult to support as I've seen teams copying and pasting complex templates all over the place. Having reusable JS/TS modules to import could make this easier IMO, although this is my first project using the CDK and I haven't yet used it in a team environment.

I do use cfn-lint for CloudFormation linting and it does help a little, but it doesn't catch as much at dev/deploy time that the CDK does.